Recognize the truth

Listen up ladies, a man will always show you who he is, how he plans to treat you and what his future with you is likely to be. When he does this, please BELIEVE HIM. Women tend to see the person we want to believe a man is, or even the man he says he wants to be.  Ambition in a man is great, but ambition doesn’t pay the bills or keep you warm at night, don’t fall for the man who is just dreaming without putting in work to make that dream come true.

The worst thing you can do as a woman is think you can change any man. Now you can be his motivation to change but it is solely his decision to make that change, he will change on his time, not yours.

Now the first few weeks and maybe months you are seeing the representative and chances are that’s who you are presenting too, he hasn’t seen you with that bright head scarf and bad morning breath yet, so you’re still being polite and cute- your representative image. This is not the person you need to understand since this person won’t be around long. You do need to listen while he speaks because this is when you’re more likely to get the truth, there isn’t much invested so its okay for him to lay it all out letting you decide if you want to put up with whatever he’s dishing out while its still early.

Ladies, men really are simple creatures, we’re the ones that think too hard, too long, and create crazy scenarios. If a man says he loves playing Call of Duty, you cant get mad if you visit and see him playing Call of Duty, he told you in the beginning. He’s not ignoring your calls, you just didn’t call between kills. If you notice your man’s eye wandering while you’re out expect that wandering to continue and possibly get worse later on. If he doesn’t take you around his friends, looks to you to play wife or mommy (cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, driving him around) constantly wants you to do what he wants to do only, getting mad when he doesn’t get his way or always has an excuse or some unnecessary back story for his actions realize these are all signs. These are (some of) things that men do that tell you exactly whats going on, you just have to recognize what a man is saying when he speaks.

Reading between the lines ladies, this is probably the best time to understand your man, when he’s actually speaking. Now yes, I know, men lie, however the nature of his character doesn’t. So even in that lie, if you think about who he has shown you he was, it should be quite easy to break down that lie and know whats really going on. Now how you choose to address any lies is on you but you can never say you didn’t see it coming or didn’t know.

So I want to know, what are some things looking back that you now recognize that got missed while you were in a relationship?


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