“Busy” is not an excuse

Understand this, we as humans, have the ability to make time for who and what we want in our lives. With that being said, if a man tells you he is too busy to see you, its bull!  Something else has may have his attention, it may not always be another woman, it can be a job, hobby, kid his friends or whatever, but know with every fiber of your being if he wants to see you- HE WILL!

Understand what it means when he wants to see you, if he only calls Tuesdays at 3am  he is showing you truthfully why he wants you around, and the role you play in his life. Now if you’re okay being the jumpoff- by all means boo boo, keep answering those calls (no judgement, we will have a later conversation about this) but if you actually like this dude and want something, he is showing you that will never be.

With today’s technology understand, even with long distance relationships are possible, Skype, face-time make it possible to spend time with someone.  I definitely believe, if you have time to sh*t you have time to text. Lets keep it real, there are always moments in life where at the very least you can send a quick text.

As much accommodating we do for others, we should be holding them to our expectations as well, ladies why are we still dealing with crap from someone not willing to put aside time for us? Not even a text? Until they know you’re about to walk out or when they want something from you, and we have the nerve to be available! Now that has to stop. If someone is  too busy, you need to meet someone that’s not too busy and able to be available for you, and become busy yourself. No sitting around waiting on when a man decides to call or text, no more cancelling on your girls, moving family time, not studying and going out of your way in a regular routine to see him, when the only effort he has to put in is call/text.  You both either put in the same effort and time or don’t waste your time at all.

Time is one of the biggest factors in a relationship. Spending time is what allows you to get to work on building something. If a man does not respect your time or give you time, in reality he isn’t respecting you. He is showing you that you are not of importance to invest the ability to learn about you, support you, or be considerate of how you’re feeling and needing. If a man can’t understand your time and the things you have going on, believe you don’t want that around you, anyone that thinks you being on their time is more important than yours is selfish & rude, not building blocks for anything meaningful.

The most important relationship you need to build is one with yourself, you cant expect someone to get to know you and treat you right when you don’t even do it.


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