Most women don’t want to…

These are probably the most pivotal arguments that I’ve learned will pretty much set women into a place you don’t wanna go.

Telling her she’s become like someone’s (or their own) mother, now I get some of you had great super hero moms you looked up to, but for the most part no woman wants to hear that she’s becoming like her mother, for reasons of her own, thats just a place that doesn’t end well.

Until she’s mentally there, don’t ever remind a woman she’s getting old. Now my new blogbuddy (Bernasvibe) has shed some light that getting older isn’t bad at all and should be embraced, but thats a mental hurdle that must be jumped first. I know women well into their 50’s and 60’s who still struggle with the age thing, so until they are comfortable with age, don’t you dare mention it.

This shouldn’t really have to be said but guys, again, ya mouth just flies open and anything comes out. Never mention a woman’s weight, just. DON’T. Do. It!!! She knows, believe me, she knows. Regardless of its its gain or loss, she knows.

She talks too much or nags. Now I’m a little guilty of this, simply because I can’t tolerate a lot of taling, well, I know some people just like to talk (thanks again Bernasvibe) however, I do believe people are able to tell after a few conversations if who they’re talking to likes to talk or not. Women are emotional, they like to share, talking (other than sex) is a way they see to get close to someone.

Another woman (including your, her’s or the next person’s mom) Comparisons is never a good idea, it says, you’re not good enough on your own or who she is isn’t memorable enough.

She can’t cook, cooking (& cleaning) have long been seen as roles women take on to keep everyone happy, and ensure the well being of the house. Telling a woman she cant cook gets taken like shes a failure as a woman.


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