Are you ready yet

Guys ask this question time and time again, “Why does it take girls so long to get ready”

Well, chances are guys when you met your girl, she looked nice, now she clearly has to keep some what of a base level appearance, women don’t just roll out of bed looking like beauty queens, and if she does check 2 things; how much cosmetic surgery she’s had done OR if she used to be a man. Those are the only women I know who exist that wake up looking snatched.

I’ve seen what happens when females rush, you don’t wanna see that! Hair is a mess, kinda resembles the walk of shame, clothes all sloppy, believe me you want a woman to take her time, you do NOT want to be seen in public if shes rushed, because something was sure to be missed.

There are times when her hair and make-up just don’t act right. Things can be planned but during execution things go wrong, hair flops, make-up gets smudged, zippers break, buttons fall off, things rip.

Disclaimer: You may have been used to a female previously just didn’t do enough. What may be seen as “too much” wasn’t enough for some, so appreciate the friggin upgrade!

I told you before in my post, a lot of times when females go out, dressed to impress, its to out dress and look better than other females, not really about you however there is a difference between looking good & false advertisement ( if it takes hours– that’s false advertisement, she needs to become a totally different person.

Why does it take so long? Because you cant rush perfection, you want someone you can show off, so sit down, shut up & appreciate the finished product


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