Guys, stop doing that

Well I couldn’t just tell the females so guys, here ya go:

Intentional burping/farting- can you at least pretend someone gave you some home training. You feel that coming, go into another room, its not cute or funny

Cat calling- it is very irritating right off the bat to hear – baby, baby girl, boo, honey, pet names have to be earned. Any period before that just makes it obvious you don’t remember their names.

Trying to use ‘love’ to get your way- “If you love me you’ll…” (enter request here)

Talk about a females friends- unless you’ve been together long enough and this friend is new, your opinion on her friends is irrelevant, they were there before you, and keep her from talking you to death.

Unless you are a skater take off those tight ass skinny jeans.

Stop asking if a girl wants to go out- of course she does!

Don’t ask, “so where you wanna go” you wanted to be the man right? Take some initiative- plan something.

Get a job! A man this is out grinding but brining in less gets seen in a waaaayyyy better light than a man not working or even attempting to work.

Hugging girls when you’re covered in sweat- this is gross, stop that!

Stop thinking you’re gonna get the girl with huge breasts, flat stomach, big butt, cooks better than your mother, freak in the bed, homie in the streets, personal assistant and will ride or die for you- that bird is made up! Just like women have that damn unrealistic list, so do you.

As soon as you do anything that your girl cant know about with another female is cheating.

Constantly reminding people what you do for them

Raising your voice or adding ‘bass’ to your voice- sir, deflate your chest and act like an adult.

No you can not wear gym shoes or boots your entire life- shoes are one of the first things that get noticed, women judge, harshly.

Never insinuate at any point her change in mood has to do with ‘that time’ whatever attitude was present will now be enhanced.


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