worst places to go for a first date

Anything involving your parents- just don’t

Your house- Did I mention this is a first date and you don’t know this psycho yet

psychic- nothing like getting the death card on a first date

Run errands with you- this is not your assistant, nor does it allow you to focus on her, this is NOT quality time.

Go to look at babies at the hospital- Creep

Go to the cemetery and find people with graves who have the same last name you or her- you have lost all of your sense on this one.

family events- cook out, kid functions- nope nope nope, and we all have a relative we keep hidden, you really want your date to meet this nut off rip?

Church! or any religious event- you took ya hoochie to church???

The club- plenty of opportunity to get your date snatched up by someone else

fast food places- LMAO!!!  I’m not even going to comment on this one

Hope your morning at least got off to a laugh with this post, I’ll be back later 🙂

Tell me some o the places you’ve been on a bad first date.




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