ONE of the several things I hate seeing on my social feeds is this need to declare your attendance to someone’s religious institution. Why did this become a thing? I’m all for you praising but whats the point in telling people about it. On Sunday mornings there are either the people going to church, or those who are not. Now if you proclaim to be religious then to an extent it’s expected on Sunday’s to a church you’d be attending, the same way if you have a job you’re expected to be there at a certain time (#workflow)

Now for some people adding this hash-tag to their pictures adds a sense of validation, a way to prove to have multiple sides, well rounded (although there is a great number still wearing clothes, stamps,  wristbands & a aroma from the night before, but I could care less, I’m far from the one judging you). For some its just another way of advertising, yep, once again selling a piece of yourself, possibly for approval of others, possibly to convince yourself.

Whatever the reason to show/tell you’re going to church- knock it off. There is no special award or acceptance for something you say you abide by, agree to or claim to a part of. There is no honor in things you’re suppose to do, but everyone is glad you own ‘grown up’ clothes.



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  1. I thought that the main purpose of FB had become to fake a perfect, wonderful, grade A lifestyle?..Its graduated so far from its origins..Long before FB I was into social networking , to an extend..But now not hardly as much other than WordPress, a lot. lol! Too many ways to wind up in hot water on FB for my outspoken self..

    • Haha always great to hear from you Berna!!! FB and a lot of social media now serves a purpose to show the good, lavish always celebrating parts of life. I just dont get announcing church?! Its usually just a picture to show off an outfit at that, great to know some people aren’t always a heathen but why would certain things need to be public, then mad when the world judges.

      • Lol, lol! But you know alot of people these days want to do the tell-all to the public..From their sexual lives to posting pics of themselves drinking themselves to a drunken stupor..Not realizing, I guess, that employers/colleges alike, look on FB to check out credentials/living habits..Doesnt’ surprise me folks are putting church pics on FB also..Anything put online IS subject to being judged..Takes cajones and confidence to even blog online..Personally? I don’t give a flying crap who judges me or my actions ; but not everyone is as comfy to do themselves as I am. You’ve reminded me of how much I’m NOT missing out on FB..

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