with age comes wisd… just age

They say with age comes wisdom : Having the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; sagacious. 

 To be truly wise is to realize that it is impossible to “know” everything, or even anything. To claim that you KNOW something is very often unwise, because if some contradicting evidence were to appear, you would either be proven wrong or you would claim to KNOW something that is incorrect.

There are many things that one person may have learned at 50 that another person could have learned & experienced at 17. Same situation, who is the wiser?  If knowledge gained by information &experience is what one basis wisdom on, it would appear to be by comparison.If you place a 5 year old in front of a burning building, if he understand what fire is, he knows the building is burning, which for his age and experiences, makes him wise. When a 60 year old man, who having had children, cheats and comes home with an STD, having known full well how sex works, does that make him stupid? Careless? Well if he was wise, shouldn’t he have known not to be careless?

Often times you’ll hear an older person calling the younger generation stupid, they don’t listen but the better question in knowing that behavior is a learned trait, is if the younger generation had adequate example of how to be; after-all who taught the listening skills? An older person right? Are these older people saying anything even worth listening to? 

If we’re going to continue with the argument that with age comes wisdom, we must accept that supposedly as you get older, one will become more wiser:acknowledging that this is an ongoing process. So people (young & old), let go of the know it all attitude, you’re not automatically right just because of your age. If you’re wise, you too are still learning; you should be anyway. 


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  1. Love this- It’s honest, it’s real, it’s the truth. It’s what everybody should understand. Keep writing amazing posts like these so I’ll look forward to checking my reader more often 😉

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