Somebody gotta GO

Don’t f*ck with people, that f*ck with people, you don’t f*ck with!

If you don’t like a person/ situation/ location but someone around you does, they may need to go, just so you’re not guilty by association.

Point, blank add a period. Now I know you may like that person but You will only ever be as great as the people you surround yourself with. 

Here’s what I have come to realize, people who eat together, speak together- and guess who is the topic of discussion???

There is always a reason you don’t / won’t like a person/ situation / location, now when people you do hang with become buddies with the person you don’t like, in my opinion they are either just like them or okay with whatever it is you don’t like. Why would you want that around you? You’re not cool with the one person because of something you don’t like, so why accept their accomplices?  My pops always told us you are your surroundings. Now if the person you don’t like is fake and a liar, and your “friend” hangs with them, guess what that makes them? And then if your “friend” is around you- guess what that makes you??? Simple right?

Now sometimes it may be hard to let people go, but you need to ask yourself if keeping them around is worth it. Having someone hold your hand on one side and on the other side holding the enemy hand seems like self destruction but hey, keep those “friends” if they make you happy, although they are friends with people you don’t like- for a reason…



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