I thought they weren’t loyal?

So why the #1 song out is “These hoes ain’t loyal” one can’t help but wonder, who told you to keep chasing these birds? If these hoes ain’t loyal, why do you keep going after these hoes?  The very things that make the un-loyal female is what you went after to get her! Why are more and more females choosing to be basic, bottom feeding hoes? Because they see clearly that’s  what men want. Despite what you say,  the actions, going after hoes, proves stronger.  I get it, hoes are easy to deal with; bundle of hair, red bottom heels, Red Lobster biscuits, IG shout outs, a few drinks and they’re okay (as long as they are in the spotlight). But is putting in some effort, work so bad you rather date a hoe over “normal” females? Help me out here ppl, whats the deal?



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  1. 3rdLegKickstand July 15, 2014 — 7:20 AM

    Hell yea. Lmao. But seriously these normal females you have to work for sometimes aren’t loyal either. So if the end goal is the box and only the box why not go for something that you know will not deceive you? You know she isn’t loyal so you let her bottom feed.

    Although there is that select few dickbags that fall for the hoe anyways.

    I personally don’t feel like “putting in work”

    With that being said allow me to clear the air and say I don’t mess with these hoes either. see I was taught that being a gentleman, kind, and whatever (you call putting in work) is just how a man should act. So I don’t see it as any extra effort.

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