Dear “nice-guy” (rant)

I’m going to lose a few of my male followers over this… #sorrynotsorry

To the men who are “not afraid to admit I’m a nice guy”- SHUT THE F*$K UP!!!!! That’s like saying “I like long walks in the park”… you’re using it to make yourself more appealing. End. of. Story. Take up marketing.

You do not get brownie points or praise because you aren’t a lowlife jack off. Now, those guys lose points, but you definitely don’t gain any for being something that is expected of you.  Most women don’t expect, want or look to be mistreated, thus your “nice guy” actions, are baseline things you SHOULD be doing anyway. Certain things are just an expectation, if you have to tell someone about a quality, chances are its because its not obvious and the thing you want people to focus on, advertisement. Its similar to those ads you see at 3 am, they have ONE positive thing said real loud hoping you don’t realize the advertised drugs are only going to kill you, but hey, no more ingrown toe nail right?

If  you make it a point to say “I’m a good/nice guy” what that usually translates to is, I’m trying to or want to hide/forget something that will tarnish this good guy persona,- you’re not perfect, nor will you ever be.

Oh the fun it is to remind you of your self proclaimed title when you eff up… yep. This has become the modern way of a male bitch fit.  boo-hoo, I want special attention/ passes for the dumb sh*t I actually do, but want you to ignore it because I have SOME other qualities that I have convinced myself make me better than the rest. I don’t know about you but bad is bad, now there are different levels, and differences in people’s tolerance. What you consider “a good guy” to some people may actually be shitty. Yes it IS possible for someone not to want your version of a good guy, it is possible your version just isn’t enough.

My biggest complaint, stop using “good guy” as a pass for people to forget the effed up stuff YOU DO!!! This is a desperate move at the point you pull this- you’re losing and you know it any time there is a “but….”  “I’m a good guy BUT…”   or “… BUT I’m a good guy” on either side of the but is usually some BULL.

What does it mean to be a good guy? Better question, who signed off your good guy certificate? If you can’t provide 3 references, I’m going to assume your ego gave you that title.

I mean Chris Brown was a notable “good guy” until he held dance practice in that car… (I wasn’t there)

Bill Cosby, family name and role-model, he just liked his  other women… relaxed is all, I’m sure the wife was just too uptight.

Tiger Woods- had so much good guy quality he shared with like 12 chicks.





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  1. Hahaha!!! Yaaaaaaaass!!!! You betta say it! Truth, truth, and more truth! The #1guily complex. Nine times out of ten they are worse than supposed “lowlife jacks”. At least with them everything is upfront. With these I’m a “good guy” dudes you are constantly hit with surprises. Smh

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