Surprise #TMM

It’s been a WHIIIILE but here we are with the Tuesday Morning Meetings!! here is a SMALL piece


RT @KEMPSAIDWHAT: #TMM For those of you that don’t know, we lost Chuck. Apparently he mixed up his Viagra & his blood pressure meds. It’ll be open casket.


If you plan to bring your child to work with you, we ask that they not be 32 years old and still trying to hand out mixtapes.


As of April 1st if you still have Pretty Ricky’s “Grind on Me” as your voice mail music , you will be subject to termination.


Taking down your braids in your cubicle is frowned upon.. but getting a full on perm at yo shit will get you fired.

#TMM we’ve decided to accept “proficient in Black Twitter” as an acceptable skill.




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  1. lol somone was just playing PRicky mad loud in the ilab! lmbo…#icant

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