Where are the posts????

I know, I know, I know… I have not been posting and there are 2 reasons behind that.

#1- How do people keep up with ALL of these social media platforms? Facebook, Youtube,  Instagram, SnapChat, Tumblr, Twitter,  Periscope, Reddit…and actively post to each one. HOW?!?!? The more I’m posting on one site, the less I’m posting on others.  I am seriously struggling to put content on each site, I’m still trying, but struggling.

#2  I believe you should not speak if you have nothing of substance to add, I’m the same way on social media, while there are plenty of topics I can (and sometimes will) add my 2 cents to, a lot of time these topics are overdone and sometimes its so hard to add intelligence to a topic ignorance has already beaten you to.  There are days that I have a ton on my mind that I want to share and talk to you guys about. There are other days where I’m completely blank. I believe in keeping my communication authentic and real with y’all, when I post, it’s because I mean it or something you have asked me to touch on.

Additionally, I’ve been getting things together so I am an actual CERTIFIED life coach, to help y’all get it together and that had me pretty distracted for a while, but I’m back!



final logo design



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