Wanna be royalty

Y’all are irritating!

There is a new fad going around to be “Kings/ Queens”… now I know among some (black) people, we hang on to the story of being descendants of African Kings/Queens, Hotep filled script. Descendants!, kinda like that one cousin everyone hates to see coming. The throne doesn’t exactly work that way, I’ve seen what some of you are leaving your kids when you die… dee

I’m all for self-esteem and making the person you’re with feel like they are the most important person in your life, but I’m also about being realistic on where you are in that life. A lot of you are more like the court jesters. #sorrynotsorry yes, you want to be this important, too bad most of you don’t act like it. Other than walking around squawking the same thing over and over, it’s more than what you say and definitely about how to act, I’ve seen you in public too…

How are you walking around in public telling people this is your queen/king and you just called them every name in the book before you left home? Why? Because you want a title (still not sure what you’re ruling though). Most of you haven’t figured out how to be YOU yet, and somehow you’re a royal example of what exactly??? Some of you are unhappy with YOU and rather put your everything into this other person, making them spoiled and the center of YOUR world (yes, I think this is stupid).

Y’all are giving TOO MUCH praise to having material things bought by your “king/queen”… True Kings/Queens can buy ISLANDS, countries… and you’re googly-eyed over some Air Maxx, and bills that had to be paid anyway. Other than debt, the only thing I’ve successfully seen you PRODUCE (not raise cause that’s a different rant) are these kids who, but of course, are your “prince & princesses”.

A lot of these #relationship goals are made solely on material possessions OR based on what other people think, or how you WANT them to think of you. No need lying to the people, we see you.

Am I the only one who saw how this movie ends?
Am I the only one who saw how this movie ends?

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