So when are you going to start having kids

When are you going to write the check to pay for them? When are you going to focus on your life and not mine? Why, have you given up on yours and looking to try again? I’m not really a fan of people… (just stare)

Okay, lets set the record straight, asking this question is MAD RUDE!! First, don’t assume everyone wants kids. What do you nimwits say the women who do want kids but medically cant? To the people who have lost kids, to the ones that have had repeated conversations opposite of yours drilled into them never to have kids cause they can ruin your life?

Times have changed, marriage then kids no longer symbolize this happy white picketed fence life. Most of yall weren’t happy then either, you just didn’t know what, or had anything else to do with your limited selves, in 2017 so much other than kids are fulfilling and show a successful well-rounded life.  Kids aren’t really a sign of accomplishment, even roaches reproduce.

Do you know how much it costs to raise one of those crumb snatchers in 2017? its close to $18,000 just to go to the hospital and deliver this thing, the kid hasn’t seen a stitch of clothing yet.  2 kids for a married couple is estimated at $250,000 by 18… Who you know making that kind of money- all for a kid, who won’t be contributing shit! You still have bills, student loans, y’all want people to own homes and cars too… y’all complain about all these young girls who having babies, that can’t and won’t take care of them, but Ms. Gladys while you keeping little Keisha baby every weekend, you not stopping your nosy ass friends from continuously asking people when they gone have a baby.

There’s always the simple “I’m not”, listen you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Stop letting these people guilt you into stuff they have no involvement in. No I’m not going to change my mind, telling me I don’t know real love until I’m a parent is bullshit, and asking who’s going to take care of me when I’m old is my problem,  not yours, plus that’s a selfish ass reason to have a kid.

A fun favorite response: I’m waiting to see how yours turn out before I decide, or judging by the way yours turned out, I figured it was better not to take that chance.

“you know you aren’t getting any younger” well neither are you. Fact is not everyone wants kids! Some of you have serial killers, robbers, gang bangers, rapists, deadbeats, cheaters…I could go on, just realize THOSE are someone’s kids too, and probably still a future for a lot of people. Who tf wants to take that gamble? Some of us like our continuous streak of stress-free, money to ourselves, making decisions for no one but ourselves, not repeating ourselves, having nice stuff (all the time) life.

If you want to have kids, do so when you’re ready and never feel like you have to discuss that with anyone not living in your home. If you don’t want kids, you owe no one an explanation or feeling guilted, f*ck them, they want to see kids so bad the school system needs more teachers, there are plenty of babies needed to be adopted and they’re welcome to have some of their own or keep raising little Keisha’s every weekend while she goes out to enjoy her life and party.



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  1. 😂😂😂 This was a much needed post and you hit each point right on the head. “I’m waiting to see how yours turn out” 😍🙌🏽 This will be my new response.

  2. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  3. Hahaha. Im going to send this to all these older women.

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