“gay is the new black”

This topic has been flying around the media like wildfire lately, so I think its only fair we dab on it a bit.  Now at NO POINT will religion be mentioned nor do I want it to be. This is not about just being gay, that’s NOT the topic.  Don’t do it…

So, Is gay the new black?

Well…. lets gone ahead and dive in. I get where they tried to go with it.  What I take from it, they are classing the LGBT as a minority, just as blacks (still are).

However… unlike blacks, gays do have a choice. No, I don’t mean they get the choice to be gay, but I do believe they get the choice to disclose that information. Hence, where being in the “closet” comes in. Black people, who get no choice, are at a disadvantage, because they are unable to hide the fact they are black. If a gay man goes into a job interview its up to him to let it be known he is LGBT, a black man can not hide the fact he is black- its instantly known.

Lately it does seem like the trend or “in thing” to come out as gay and even explore being gay, when was the last time someone made an attempt to be black? … I’ll wait. Never has it been a trend to be black.  Plenty of queens get invited to events and paid to just be… well gay, not saying its okay to be showcased and put on display, but again gays have the opportunity to choose to participate, and they make money from it. When was the last time a black person got paid, asked to be somewhere and accepted just for being black.?

Many people actually suspect and believe blacks should be the ones to help uplift and support the LGBT community because they’ve been where they are. Well sorry but the world hasn’t even fully accepted blacks yet, so how the hell are they to help another minority when they haven’t even gained an upper hand yet.

I don’t want to dive too deep into this conversation because it can go so many ways. Fact is both sides have people that discriminate against the other, some gays are racists, just as some blacks are homophobic. So its not to be said that either side will fully understand the other. Are gays a minority, yes, because they don’t fit the mold of what seems to be normal, do they experience discrimination, hate crimes and being outcast? yes again, but will it compare to all that blacks endured and still go through, nope. I’ve said my piece, I’d like for you to weigh in.



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  1. I’ve always hated that ‘such and such is the new black’ thing. I’m obviously pro gay rights, but I think you make a good point, this compare and contrast thing is not only tiresome it’s irrelevant. People also tend to forget that women still deal with discrimination and oppression on a daily basis, and there ain’t no closet to hide from gender.

    • You make an amazing point! I think the compare and contrast is almost a way to remove or bury one issue by focusing on something “new” so that whatever was an issue before can be forgotten. The issue of being a woman almost seems to big to address, like you said there is no closet to hide in and that gender doesn’t matter to a race or sexual orientation.

  2. Please say this one more time!

    • Naw they have the choice to be gay or not. Everyone has the choice of choosing what lifestyle to live. My quarrel is the fact that IDGAF what you choose to do. It’s enough bull shit in the media already to taint the minds of kids these days. We don’t need this super Faq J Collins to tell the whole world he is for a damn publicity stunt. Okay so you told the world your coming out, who hasn’t at this point? It just gets old and retarted. And now everyone wants to be super homo sensitive that at the mere utterance of something being gay offensive there has to be a fcking public apology. So you’re telling me its okay to say nigger, coon, jungle bunny, and all these other racial slurs on TV and radio but I can’t say faq or that gay without someone crying like a lil biotch. Man… grow a pair. Oh i forgot, you all had them surgically removed when you decided that you wanted to be a biotch. My whole thing is this, if you gay be gay. We can hoop together shoot pool whatever, but after the game is over I’ll go have a beer and you can go suck a dck. Simple as that, nothing against them, just tired of hearing about it

      • I agree you can choose the lifestyle NOT the life. At any point were you presented with an option on your sexual preference and you made a CHOICE? Now your quarrel can not be IDGAF and you have an opinion, it doesn’t work like that pal! I do agree there is some bias when it comes to the things that’s said. And I think its because every time a ‘new’ big issue comes along, any other issue gets its significance taken away, hence why it becomes acceptable to say those things and disregard they ever existed.

  3. 3rdLegKickStand May 7, 2013 — 5:09 PM

    Ok. Now I’m not trying to be rude or rub anyone the wrong way, BUTTT!!!! I think its a bunch of bull shit. I don’t care if anyone wants or be gay. Frankly that’s something you should keep to yourself. I’m not saying hide it, or be “closet.” I’m just saying ppl should not get public famefor “coming out” like seriously… Obama congatulated that basketball player, but this nation is stillllll fucked. People without jobs etc. Seriously if people want to be sensitive about being called gay, fag, or butt pirate (the list goes on) then don’t put yourself in the light to get heat. They yell equal rights and all that but want “extra” treatment!?! Kiss my ass!!! We have bigger problems to worry about than some homosexual complaining about certain shit. Do I walk around with a sign saying “black pride?” No, why because no gives a rats ass. Seriously being gay is like a new fad or something. If you don’t want people hoeing you on your life choices… Don’t put it out in the open. Plain and simple. (And why let the word fag annoy you… Its a bundle of sticks for crying out loud!!! People just want to fit in and feel sensitive.) Well let me tell you something! This world isn’t something you’d want to fit in regradless. Just sayin. Good topic miss. 😀

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