Running to the alter…

I’m reaching an age where it seems naturally (idk who made up this time scheme) my peers are getting married and having kids (on purpose). I am always happy to see my friends happy no matter what, however, some of y’all need not go running down that isle and I cant stress enough how some of you need to keep birth control, I know you believe we are here for reproduction but please please keep your pants on. Everyone shouldn’t reproduce.

Simply put: MARRIAGE AIN’T FOR EVERYBODY. Some people need to just date, –forever. You’d make a terrible wife/husband, I mean really, some of y’all don’t even make good productive members of society single, the world does not need a double dose of your foolery. A marriage (in my eyes anyway) is a business, YOU are a brand, and you need to choose very wisely who you choose to merge with.

“But we have love” LMAO! Okay, that’s cute, you’re in love! Once that wears off, and bills, debt and kids become real how do you explain that? Cause none of those things survive off of “love” alone. I’ve tried paying Sallie Mae with my love… moving right along. Typically businesses merge for the better, coming out with a profit… a lot of you go in broke and come out in the negative. But its cool, you’re in love. Listen I’m not saying love shouldn’t be a factor, I’m just saying it should only be one factor. 

Some of you simply want that title -_-  and will put up with lying, cheating,bad credit, black eyes, disrespect (the list could go on) just to call yourself someones significant other. You clowns deserve a V-8 smack. You came in the world alone and that’s how you go out, marriage is just someone to entertain the time between the two. 

You’re suppose to marry your equal and opposite half. I say that to get to this, the person you marry should be a reflection of yourself, who you choose to be and how you want the world to see you. Man, some of you missed the mark on the self evaluation. There is a such thing is going outside of your league. Which is why you fail. If you came from Ramen Noodles, don’t chase the person who is used to steak, I’m almost positive at least once in that relationship you will be reminded of who you are/were,  and the other way around, if you know you’re high maintenance and don’t know what it is to struggle, why be with someone who only knows that, they’re bringing your value down! These partnerships are always one sided cause only one person is benefiting.

The process to get married is way too simple. Along with a blood test, should come IQ & credit scores. Those things say a lot. The big question should always be WHY are you getting married? The answer to that alone will tell you how this is gonna go, and be honest, if you know you’re marrying for financial security tell the other person so that way you can make it work. They may be cool with it as long as you don’t do certain things. Know what you bring to the table! Y’all stop tricking these folks into marrying you then dropping the ball once you have a ring.




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  1. Apimpnamedslickback May 30, 2013 — 10:44 AM

    Ok I will say that marriage is for everybody, but the one you think you love may not be for you. Everyone can be married, it is just hard to find the right person (I said right, not perfect) for you. People have issues, especially women, that only a select few can deal with. Dating someone or being bf/gf has pretty much the same problem as being married, except that its easier to break up as compared to get a divorce. See when you’re in a relationship with a person you can encounter some of the same trials and situations as a married couple. Love is the only thing but may not be everything to keep people together. There is a lot more to the mix in order to bake this pie. Trying to rush into anything will always result in negative. You should always take into account everything in every situation. Finances, family, emotions, all that stuff plays a major role in the pre-stage of marriage. The title isn’t everything, because just like with great power comes great responsibility… The same goes for with a bigger title comes bigger problems, and if you are not prepared for those problems then you should think things through. People, especially women allow there emotions to control there thought process many times and that’s what ends up getting them slapped in the face by the outcome of their expectations. My friend lost his life because of this.. The day he put that ring on his finger was the last day of his life, he is now forever imprisoned by the infamous ball and chain lol. But seriously really think this stuff through ppl.

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