Mixing it up with Scandal

After having a conversation with a friend, it was brought to my attention to discuss Scandal a little deeper than the revolution of the side chicks. Now if you really watch, Shonda Rimes pushed the envelope on many relationship types. The one I was asked about specifically was how this interracial relationship between Olivia (Kerry Washington) and POTUS, Fitz (Tony Goldwyn). Now I know Kerry did an interview saying if the president portrayed had been black she would not have done the show, after actually reading that interview I get why, and its not to put down black men in any way, it was more to preserve them and the fact we currently have a black president & that’s too close to home. (read it for yourselves)

His specific question to me was “why is it that a black woman being attracted to a white man in power more acceptable than the rolls being reversed” Well for 1 its not  really acceptable yet to have a woman in a power position- white, black or otherwise, and to a lot of other races, black woman are seen as exotic, something out of the norm, that forbidden fruit. In direct relation to the show a black woman who is not only gorgeous, strong, smart, independent, and loved by one of the nation’s most powerful men is something that seems appealing and the ultimate role model.

Then I was hit with what about white women and black men- Kanye said it best “when he get on he leave yo ass for a white girl” White women have long been seen as a status symbol, achievement prize after having “made it” to something important. White women before, had been seen as pure, privileged, & high priority, which is why in the case of black men, its seen as being something worth looking at if a white woman pays you attention.  

Does the show accurately depict interracial relationships? In some ways yes, the help, who must never be seen or heard as the mistress, sounds about right. Given today’s society does interracial relationships still matter? I personally don’t care, they aren’t taking food from my table, so whatever floats your boat. I started to dig deep and analyze this topic, but I rather hear your thoughts on it, and enjoy the conversation with you.


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  1. Apimpnamedslickback May 30, 2013 — 10:58 AM

    Now we had the argument of the difference between sidechick, sideline hoe, and a jumpoff. I feel they are all listed under the category of groupie. Definition of a groupie: adoring fan: an enthusiastic fan of someone or maybe something, especially a female teenager seeking a sexual relationship with the object of her adulation. Hmmm…. sounds like this defines all three of those terms. Sidechick adores the one who really isn’t her man… Sideline seeks a relationship with the one who isn’t her man…Jumpoff an enthusiastic fan of a guy with some object of her adulation seeking to have sex. So with that being said white women will screw you good then ask if you want a sandwich afterwards… White women will take that ride downtown with no complaints… White women generally don’t do that baby mama drama, head and eye rolling air grabbing BS when they are arguing with you. Hell, I haven’t seen or heard a white woman argue with her man in idk how long. Plain and simple she knows her role.. Black women on the other hand almost the complete opposite.. So you wonder why we leave ya ass for a white girl, look at your history. Also its another way for the brother to “Stick it to the Man!” You go Tiger Woods! You to MJ! Now Black women go after white guys normally because they are tired of dealing with the same ol type of brother, so they say if I’m going white I’m going with the one who’s money is right! You go Kerry, Obama has enough political and media scrutiny as it is.

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