Sh*t parents say

They talk about Kids who say the darndest things, well those kids grow up- and have kids and those parents still say some wild crap sometimes.

“I know I raised you better than that”- well chances are if a kid is doing whatever activity you disapprove of, you didn’t.

“Before you ask, the answer is no”

“Do as I say, not as I do”- originally meant to keep kids from making mistakes, more of an apology for being a hypocrite.

“Don’t move from that table until all that (enter food object here) is gone” good form of torture I guess, and a better way to start the obese generation.

“Shut up or I’ll give you something to cry about” – again, pretty sure this is abuse

“I brought you in this world, I’ll take you out” – when did murder become acceptable? Kid or not I’m pretty sure you get the same amount of jail time, even if the kid is yours.

“That’s what i had kids for”- I never understood why people had kids (granted, a lot of ppl were mistakes) however, if its to do stuff for, or live through, you may have had the wrong idea.

“Ask your mother/father” – they don’t know, or don’t care but want to keep the good parent appearance.

“Am I really that bad?” YES! always, at the point parents ask this question they already know the answer

“Because I said so” – I no longer have any valid points that will keep me credible to winning this conversation so I will use the bully method to make you do what I want.

Let me hear em people, whats some of the crap parents say that make you raise an eyebrow.


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  1. @“Ask your mother/father” – they don’t know, or don’t care but want to keep the good parent appearance…>> For my Daddy’s recent 72nd Bday I bought him a cute! button that you push & it lights UP & plays difference versions of a man saying “ASK YOUR MOTHER”. I thought it was the cutest gag gift to get for my Daddy; and a long running inside joke with our family..He loved IT..Do parents sometimes say things to raise an eyebrow? Yep! But they’re human and I’m blessed in that I’ve got a pair of loving parents..I recall long ago backintheday thinking things like “I will NEVER do the same things my parents did! ” OR ” I will NEVER say the things my parents said”..Not knowing , at the time, that I had an OUTSTNADING set of parents/parental role models. In this day and age? MANY children have to look to celebrities or folks in power as their role models..and sorry folks but I believe this is NOT the way life was designed to be. Role models/mentoring should rightfully begin IN the home..And from time to time that means parents might say some wild shit. Lol, lol! Some of it they don’t mean. Some of it they say out of pure desperation..Parenting is NOT easy..But if they’re good parents majority of what they say is GOLDEN. Unfortunately children don’t come with a set of rules and directions..And as a co-parent of 3 sons? I can attest to the fact that NO child is the same; and can NOT raise them all the say..They’re individuals..and while the basic set of rules to raise them is the same; from time to time parents have to divert and use non conventional methods of child rearing…As difficult a job as parenting IS? I’ve found it to be the MOST important job I’ve ever had..and the most rewarding . Cute post topic! 🙂

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