No PREACHER so I’m going to hell?

Now you guys know I’m not a huge fan of religion, a recent (young) pastor sent me this message, because he was “concerned about my soul and relationship with God” (his exact words) and “because I had no pastor or church home I was going to hell…” -_- also his exact words.

Listen, if you come at me wrong, unless you are Christ Himself I will address you as I see fit. If you go by pastor, preacher, father whatever, that is “one who proclaims the gospel” That DOES NOT MAKE YOU GOD!!! If your job is to tell people of a specific religion you need to realize, people need their God (whomever they choose to worship) not necessarily YOU. I can still have God in my life without having you.

Now according to the Bible, a preacher is to “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation” (Mark 16:15) Simply put, preaching is the declaration of God’s truth according to the Bible, it didn’t say interpret and then tell people to believe and understand your interpretation. I can read the word on my own and come up with my own, interpretation and apply it how I see fit.

Well what is church? A building used for worship. A BUILDING! All it is, I can have church at my job, in the mall, doctor’s office. Again, the bible says, “If two or three gather in my name I am with them” (Matthew 18;20) Well clearly the ‘I’ in that is GOD, for HE is with them, not you, Pastor. Being told you “need” to go to church… that BUILDING? And the things I need to for for the church… again that BUILDING?! Bible says “Let us not give up meeting together” Meeting together, again I don’t need a church’ to meet with other believers.

Now I can rant about this all day but I will make my exit, needless to say that conversation went in no way how he expected. Possibly would have been a tad nicer had he encourage my relationship with God, but probably not because clearly you no nothing of my relationship with whomever I choose worship so its not your place to speak on. Tread lightly people, when approaching, preaching or trying to force people into religion, I’ll punch a pastor with the same effort I’ll hit a disrespectful kid or old person.


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