Find some pants

Okay Sugas, yes they are comfortable, however keep that comfort in the privacy of your own home. They go with practically any & everything but that doesn’t mean they have to… LEGGINGS

I hear often its a nice compromise to jeans, however true, what exactly were you wearing before leggings? And where did all of your other pants go that has you wearing leggings EVERY FRIGGIN day?!?

I’ve seen leggings on campus, in court, in church, events that costs $100+ a ticket to even sit on a main floor umm is that the place your fashion sense ended. (And please stop trying convincing me its high fashion, most of you with this argument look like trash not something I’d see on a run way)

Leggings have never been a substitute for pants! They were an accessory to wear under long shirt and dresses to give you hoes a little more tact, continuing the sexy of that dress. LONG shirt…

All leggings are not created equally, the same way all of you can’t walk in heels, cook, all women were not made in a “one size fits all” mold. So, for some of you, yes, black leggings make the legs look slender and hide cellulite, blemishes, veins etc. They have the potential to look skinny, yes tight material will suck in a little bit of what’s loose, but ummmm listen…. Some of you need to dress for the shape you have, not the one you want, or the one you’re made up in your head. To all my fun sized girls, that thin material is not made to stretch, you have made too many strides to show #thickgirlsdoitbetter to go back and try to dress like the hungry girls! Come on now!  You’re suppose to show the hourglass figure you have too, not point out its filled with extra sand, and don’t try to convince me you can’t find clothes cause I have seen some of you funsized girls dress any ‘fashionista’ under the table.

The prints, if you simply must wear printed leggings you need a solid top, all those shapes and animal print is way too much- looking like a hippie has never been cute.

Because showing off everything then claiming to want a ‘real man’ who appreciates you and respect you has always worked out… Trust me, I’ve heard the discussions guys have about these leggings, it is not pretty, time to put on some damn pants.


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