Guys hate that too…

So after the first post the guys took to my twitter & email to let me know a few more things they’d like me to share Sugas, these are from men direct:

Always asking “what are you thinking”, if a guys says “nothing” you crazies think they are shutting you out, sometimes “nothing” really does mean nothing. Men are doers, if you see them doing something like watching the game… guess what they’re thinking about- probably the damn game! Women think, constantly, enough men don’t have to. Stop asking that question!  

You don’t get/respect or understand alone/guy time- his hobbies & friends were a part of who he was when you met him, its what made him. If you didn’t like those things then before the relationship was the time to bail. Only you selfish birds will ask a man to stop doing things that make him happy cause you don’t like them. Just how you like alone time, so do they, sometimes hearing you talk all the time is simply too much.

Thinking you can change/fix- listen you got with him for Who. He. Is! When you change him, don’t get mad when the “new” him doesn’t like the current you. When & if a man decides to change its because he wants to.

Hollywood dreams- ummm listen, you birds stop watching these movies leaving going “I want that” that sh*t is scripted

Thinking 10 steps ahead- already thinking/ imagining marriage, babies,What are we? Where is this relationship going?  Men worry about where their next meal is coming from and that’s as far into the future as they get. Geeze sometimes right now is just right now, women jump in wanting that picture they’ve imagined, guys don’t think like that. 

Being too needy- some of you get a man and not only get stupid but forget you don’t live in your own world.

Okay fellas, I hope this meets your standard of approval-



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