Heaux (hoes) in denial

Doing a bit of recap this week, In case you missed it or have never seen a few.

You Forgot Your Common Sense

OK ladies, we need to call out some new tomfoolery that’s been going on. Just because you have sex with a man that does not make him your man, boo, boyfriend or anything. Most times, sex- it just sex. Wham bam thank you ma’am.  If you have already had more than 2 “boyfriends” since the new year its pretty safe you’re standing at the door of heauxville.  If you smashed within a week (7 days) of meeting a man and this is a repeat pattern for you, heaux. If the only place you take a “friend” when he comes to visit is your bedroom (even if nothing happens) you are sending very clear signals of a heaux. If you have messed with someone that “just broke up with his girl” you my friend are a jump-off (aka rebound) you’re just there to help him get over the old girl, by…

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