You’re the sidechick

So before I talk about the rules of being a sidechick, I first need to help some of you identify if you ARE the sidechick.

You Forgot Your Common Sense

“The O.T.H.E.R. woman: an Overplayed Toy He Eventually Releases”

If he calls/comes over at a specific yet routine time of day- its a reason he always frees up at that time.

You always pay for your own stuff when you’re out- he is not paying taxes on the side chick, no maam, you’ll be buying your own burger.

All time together is scheduled on his time only- yea, he’s busy alright.

If all the places you go are more than a 20 mile drive- its not because the places way out are nice, its so no one he knows is likely to run into you.

He always comes to your place or the closest you’ve seen to his is the driveway…

If he makes it a point to remind you that he’s spending time with you- “I’m here aren’t I?” sound familiar. Meaning its a privilege to be on his…

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