Everybody can’t be wrong

Never assume that every critic is a hater. Not everyone is hating on you. Some people are telling you the truth. What it seems to boil down to is anyone with an opinion different than yours has been categorized as a haterHowever, if you keep finding yourself on the receiving end of the same criticism, situations or conversation, and you seem to be getting the same responses – maybe the actual problem is YOU. Now sometimes it can be a simple sign that you’re around the wrong people, but many times you need to accept the people that aren’t “yes men”.

For every “I ❤ my haters, haters are my motivators, (and my new favorite) haters will see me walk on water and say its because I can’t swim” if you’re so busy “doing you” how/ when do you even have the time to notice someone is hating on you?

Yes that (enter clothing item here) makes you look fat.

Yes, you do sound stupid.

You’re still pursuing a “rap career”? Naw bruh at 30+, recording in your bathroom, I don’t see that happening.

You think every relationship is the one after a months time.

There is no way you’re gonna get a girl to “bring anything to the table” when the table is at your mom’s house.

He only calls you between 11-3am because he “works late”.

You don’t have any friends cause you’re too real

“I don’t normally do this type of thing” instantly puts you in the hoe category.

Repeatedly going back to a situation isn’t loyalty, that’s stupidity.

Drawn on eyebrows do not look believable.

You’re calling yourself “a boss” and can’t even keep a job.

A high price tag doesn’t equate to style

Supporting an ongoing weed habit, but catching the bus living on your friend’s couch.

You really thought lacefront eyebrows was a good idea?

I’m not saying there aren’t people who just won’t like you for doing better than them, who will go out of their way to find the smallest thing to criticize you on, but I also know, everybody isn’t just picking on you, making up stuff about you. I mean, a hater can’t have ammo that isn’t there.

-We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.




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  1. When someone writes an article he/she retains the idea of a user in his/her mind that how a
    user can be aware of it. So that’s why this paragraph is great.

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