Female Feedback; are ALL girls crazy?

He asks: Is there ever a time when girls aren’t being crazy, and are all women like that?

 So, when are girls not crazy? When they are sleeping. Actually that may not even be true. Ever had a woman mad at something you did in HER dream? You are never safe.

Every woman has a level of crazy. Yes! There are levels to this ish!! The key is to simply find a level you can work it and run with it.

That’s pretty much all I have for you, there is no escaping it. Doesn’t matter what role the woman has in your life, if you’re in her life, you have some craziness. Deal





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  1. Aleksandra (Aleks) Slijepcevic August 27, 2014 — 1:37 PM

    Well, I do have to vouch for the women reading this post. We’re not all crazy 🙂 I think men just need to understand that there are mature women who have reasonable expectations and goals and then there are catty women who live their lives based on drama. That’s where you men get caught.

    • Even those mature women have a certain threshold where if they feel disrespected, disregarded, ignored, or those expectations are not met, they too at some point get angry, snap, “start tripping” its just the manner in which they do it. Either way it’ll come off as out of character and guys think we’re crazy. And then there are those attention seeking drama queens who are ALWAYS up to something…. that’s a different level of crazy there.

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