Tips on tipping

This was brought up by a recent conversation among some friends. Why do people (usually guys) tip poorly in a restaurant but give generously in the strip club?

Let me start by saying, the wait staff is paid BELOW minimum wage hourly, so they really do work for and depend on you to tip properly just for them to earn the bare minimum. The wait staff should be tipped 15% of the bill (before taxes) Tips, is actually an acronym that stands for “To Insure Prompt Service. Most people don’t know that and even fewer understand it.

Now both are luxuries, but a restaurant & its quality can vary, where a strip club is a more high cost expense and its understood that its expensive before you step foot in the door.

Well in my opinion its because the strip club is the entertainment, its known well before you arrive the people that are on stage work & earn their pay solely based on how you tip, its also known the more you tip out the more ‘generous’ the services become, as well as the services that are a flat rate. Strip clubs usually are seen as a “ballers” activity, you’ve gotta pay to play.

The amount you spend in a strip club creates a social status within that establishment.  Now in most cases while in a strip club alcohol is involved and generally you can forget whats going on. When at a restaurant the amount of the tip can be directly determined by what is purchased. The people who can tip well at the strip club, but not while tipping the wait staff usually are not ‘ballers’ by any means and it shows. While in the strip club you can literally pay for attention & create a persona you can’t otherwise live out.

Its easy to see why people feel the waitstaff isn’t really ‘working’ they didn’t cook the food, prepare it or create the dish, they simply took an order, and picked up and carried you a plate. However the idea of the strip club is the experience, it makes you feel good, and people will pay for an experience that brings them pleasure, where with a restaurant its seemed as something you had to do anyway- eat. But with either service along with skill, you’ve gotta realize you’re paying for time, bills of the establishment and the entire staff.

So why tip big in the strip club? My opinion, because it looks good, its expected and its pleasurable.  Why are waitstaff cheated, well I think one because of ignorance not knowing proper procedures & because of lack of respect to that profession. Now this is just MY take on it, but I wanna hear yours.



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  1. Simply put, strippers get naked; waitresses don’t. If you combined the two then there would be some equality. They tried it at hooters but it just ain’t the same. Example hooters girl comes over in booty shorts and a tight shirt and had no booty…ok that’s cool u get a little eye candy with your meal. Now imagine a half naked stripper come over give you a lap dance while taking your order, your going to order everything on the menu. Granted I feel like both of them work equally as hard, but both leave u with an unsatisfied feeling. The stripper leaves you feeling like dang all I got was a dry hump for that $20 & no real action. The waitress leave you feeling like dang I could have bought a six pack and pizza and still had gas money left over for that $20. So lets do the comparison… They both pay everything with $1 bills, they both need a cigarette after serving a customer, and they both are doing this to pay their way through college. So as you can see not much different between the two. So next time you go to tip your waitress, think about that same stripper you would give $20 for a table dance! Don’t stop pop that…what you twerking wit!

  2. 3rdLegKickStand April 29, 2013 — 11:17 AM

    Welllllllllll!!!! Waitress waitresses and strippers are in the ppl business, you have to be likable to get good tips. Strippers are already “likable” and thats why I feel they get tipped more. Of courses a lot of ppl put on facades or whatever at the strip club, but they are paying for a friendly service. I know there are a few strippers that don’t get tipped and that’s because they weren’t “likable” lol. Now waitresses, there is a waitress a know that could take all my money in the form of a tip because she is super cool. I gave her $26 when the bill was 13.23 and SHE STILL BRANG CHANGE BACK! Even though it was implied that it was a tip. Some waitresses keep the change and look at you like you’re dumb and not say shit. They need to get punch in the throat. I’m not tripping about the amount cause it was only a few dollars, but when you just keep they money that’s saying (bitch I’m taking this). That annoyed me. Also some waitresses let a bad experience with a customer before mess up their service. And treat the next guy shitty. That’s not cool at all. If you want that money, be likable. Let me stop I’m ranting…

    • Lmao, you don’t have to be likable as a stripper. They just have to like your “ASSets”. Heck I know a few strippers that walk around looking like they don’t want to be there and dudes tip them just to get attention and to grab on them. Where was the service in that? You grab a waitress, she throwing hot grits in your face.

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