The customer is (NOT) always right

The phrase “The customer is always right” was originally created by Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of Selfridge’s department store in London in 1909. 1909! So often the customer is in the wrong to begin with and even more so expecting an employee to put their job on the line to offer special treatment. feel free to check with any major business report and they all will tell you, you’re not always right.

Customers lie- all the time, Now there may be some small chances where someone may be telling the truth, however all the liars before you have made it impossible for you to use the “customer is always right” theory so thank your fellow customers.

This is a business, they have to make money, when customers come with complaints, demanding extra services, discounted or free goods or services, or causing extra work on an employee that all costs the business in the long run. Its usually easier for a business to replace one customer than to recruit, hire & train a new employee.

When bitchy customers get their way it means that abusive people get better treatment and makes it so than nice people, are tossed aside, no one is going to reward bad behavior, it makes more sense to be extraordinary to the nice customers to keep them coming back and letting them know they are valued over going out of the way for someone rude.

Threatening that your boss isn’t happy or you want to speak to our boss wont get you anywhere either. Its my job to pass that call, so, how’s it feel to be left on hold 10 minutes? We have tons of calls like yours, our boss is busy doing boss stuff, its not his job to run to you, he has set up the rules and procedures that we are informing you about. You telling your friends is hardly possible to have a huge impact on what their operation is especially if you’re friends don’t already have accounts, they can’t miss the money that was never there, and depending on the complain you look stupid not the business.

“I’m gonna tell everyone I know and take my business somewhere else” this has to be the best threat we get. We want you to go somewhere else! All this statement means to us is 1) we finally get you off the phone, and we secretly get a little pleasure from 2) getting you to someone that’s gonna make you have the same conversation all over again. If you’ve been a constant pain in the ass please believe the boss isn’t going to break a sweat to get rid of you, its cheaper to keep their employee over you.

You can not tell an employee to do what you want, you’re not their boss, they are there to do their job not do what you want. You are simply another customer, just a person, you’ve come to their business for a reason, you don’t like the treatment? leave! 

Now coming from someone who has worked service in several fields I can tell you, making threats, getting loud, rude will not get us to move any faster, also if it does, if I were you i’d question why, yes people will tamper with your food, change billing dates & amounts, put you on the bottom of the list or wait until 4:50 to process your order. Here’s a trick, want great, out of the way service? Be nice to the customer service people because we can treat you as bad as you speak to us!


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  1. Apimpnamedslickback July 10, 2013 — 2:41 PM

    Someone was mad at work. This is true though, the customer actually sucks. They are horrible people.

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