bad date experiences

So, as I was beginning to draft a new post it struck me to ask you guys before my post.

Whats the worst date you’ve ever been on?

For me it was the date regulated by a guys mother. She provided the gift card to pay, she told him to monitor how much I drank, what I wore, ate, said, she even at one point popped up on his face-time to “check me out”. He then instructed me if she sent a text that she didn’t like me he was to on the spot end our date and send me on my way. He had a list of questions she wanted him to ask, the whole date conversation was “My mama said…”

Luckily for me, he informed me he had a child(living with his mother of course)- one of my deal breakers, so I let him know right then this would not work, and I was not willing to invest any time into building anything with him and I sought out the nearest exit.

I know I’m not the only one with a bad date experience, I wanna hear, what are your dates from hell, and later this week we will talk about how to handle them.


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